I had a great experience with Fatima. She is so personable and always has a smile on her face–even when I go in upset. She is the best receptionist that I have ever encountered at such a large company and I hope the Operations team recognizes her for all the hard work she does!

Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Dubai Reviews – By Mohamed Hassan

Excellent encounter and friendly staff. Definitely a good place to stay. The staff at reception was very helpful. I had a really good time while at your motel. Thank you very much for your fantastic help!

Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club – By El Psy Congroo

The accommodations were beautiful and had decently sized rooms. Overall, a high quality stay combined with really great service. Your time here will undoubtedly be enjoyable
And thank you so much Tara for you service 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club AVIS – By Mian Umair

Wonderful experience and welcoming people. A genuinely great place to stay. The front desk personnel were really helpful. My time at your hotel was incredibly wonderful. I .value your top-notch service

Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Reviews – By Shosho Adam

I was here last week. All I could say is that my whole four days and three nights of stay in this hotel were outstanding. And they have a delightful staff, they made sure that my stay in their hotel were very accommodating. I enjoyed my vacation, I will definitely be back in their hotel on my next vacation in Dubai.

Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club – By DJ Astro Ordoñez