Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 – Auditions & Registration Details 2020 (2022 Latest Update)

The first three seasons of Bigg Boss Tamil were hosted by a Tamil as well as Bollywood star, Kamal Haasan. Based on Big Brother, a Dutch reality show, the Bigg Boss Tamil became extraordinarily popular among the Indian audience, resulting in multiple seasons of it with different hosts.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Registration

The contestants chosen for Bigg Boss Tamil are usually well-known celebrities, unlike in Big Brother, where the contestants are among the ordinary public. Furthermore, for all who are willing to get enrolled in this exciting reality show, the procedures for Auditions & Registration Details 2020 are enlightened below.

The Bigg Boss Standards

  • Only Indian citizens with valid evidence of Nationality are allowed.
  • The participant should be physically as well as mentally fit of age more than 18 years.
  • No criminal records should be found against the aspirant.

Though the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Auditions & Registrations 2020 has not been made alive yet, the aspirant can take a glance at the Season 3 procedures, as the similar will be repeated for Season 4.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season Auditions & Registrations Details

  1. From the Play Store, download and install the Voot App and sign up yourself.
  2. After finishing the details filling process, the aspirant needs to navigate to Bigg Boss Tamil Season Auditions
  3. There the actual registration form is to be filled up cautiously.
  4. The most important document that a contestant will provide on this form will be the auditions video of 3 minutes long, limited to 50MB.
  5. The auditions video should be an attracting and genuine composition of the key information and skills of the aspirants.
  6. Then in the declaration section, click on the checkbox button beside “I Agree”.
  7. And that’s it! The form needs to be submitted after a quick revision. The Bigg Boss officials will contact you further if the auditions video along with the information provided were found genuine and worthy.

Major Points

  • For Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, the auditions video will be the nuclear document as the whole chance of getting selected will be depending mainly on it.
  • Make a good quality video, sizing up to 50MB. Keep the duration of your video up to 3 minutes.

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