Earth Manifesto Season 1 (Web Series) – How to Apply, Casting & Audition Details, and Release Date

Earth Manifesto is a web series produced by Cellcinema and directed by Joshua Lloyd.

The web series focuses on a society of inspired environmental protesters, activist performers, and Puerto Rican nationalists, as well as a bunch of polluting bad guys, alluring industrial spies, and drugged out, barely living ordinary people caught in their Matrix.

The series is a tremendous eco-activist sci-fi, rock opera web series that is currently in pre-production.

The production team is now shooting segments for the promo video and pilot.


Earth Manifesto Season 1 (Web Series) Release Date

Unfortunately, the release date regarding the web series entitled Earth Manifesto is said to be announced.

The pre-production of the series is currently ongoing. Reportedly, the shoot will start by the second half of 2022.

The production team is actively searching for the roles available for the series and waiting for them to be accomplished.

“We are presently filming clips for the sizzle trailer and pilot, which we will use to persuade a few legendary actors who have shown interest in the ecological Dune-inspired production to really join us.”

The series is being filmed on location in New York and throughout the globe, with performers self-filming and participating in zoom calls in essential supporting parts.

Scenes are being shot in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese.

As a side point, since we’re filming outside the US, we can’t have a SAG contract production unless it’s a full-fledged feature film.

As a result, we can only work with non-union actors for the time being.


This is a link to a rough cut of an episode we filmed in a single day while it snowed. It’s the favorite of our little production crew.

Take note of how we utilize Nerf weapons to avoid promoting actual violence while maintaining its intensity.

In this micro-episode, the Eco Rebel is finally released from his internal prison, only to realize that he is a single dad and that the world is collapsing around him.

He puts his new ability to speed up his eyesight to the test, finding patterns in the surroundings while wandering about the city, but his history as an Interpol agent comes up with him.

The page will be updated once we have the specific information regarding the release date of the Earth Manifesto.


Earth Manifesto Season 1 (Web Series) Casting Information

“Earth Manifesto” is being cast. In pre-production it is an outstanding eco-activist sci-fi, rock opera web series.

The Production seeking talent from: New York City, NY

All Roles

Role 1: Bad Business Men from Polluting Companies

Gender: Male / Female

Age: 45+

Ethnicity: Asian, Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, White / European Descent

Requirement: Headshot / Photo, Video Reel, Cover Letter

Pay: None


Men and women in their forties and fifties to portray the “Bad Industrialist” – some may be double spies.

The villains usually have a better time. As part of our pay, we attempt to offer every non-lead member a speaking or dramatic moment.

We have a shoestring budget for our Eco-Web series, which allows for transport to the site and lunch expenditures, as well as delayed compensation for in-person NYC shoots.


Role 2: Awakened Militia Members

Gender: Men / Women

Age: 15-52


Requirement: Headshot / Photo, Video Reel, Cover Letter

Required Skills: Fight Training

Pay: None


The eco feminist militia is made up of women and men ranging in age from 15 to 52.

They will have a Jedi nature, and sword combat will occur on a regular basis. It is vital to be able to rush upstairs and run at full speed in pursuit sequences.

Fight training is beneficial, but it is not required. We make an effort to give non-lead members some dramatic face time.

Cut: To witness an example of our action in a rough episode.


Role 3: Native American/Indigenous Eco Activist

Age 15+


Ethnicity: Indigenous Peoples, Latino / Hispanic

Requirement: Headshot / Photo, Video Reel, Cover Letter

Pay: None


Please apply for the highly severe episode involving Native American ecosystem violations if you are Native American or any other genetically “Indigenous” actor.

For our Eco-Web series, we have a shoestring budget that allows for a mix of transport to the set stipend and lunch costs, as well as delayed compensation for in-person NYC actors and deferred pay for remote performers.

If one or more of the candidates for this post develops a regular lead role, the compensation rates will be discussed.


Role 4: French-speaking secret service and diplomatic corps based in Paris/London/New York City

Age: 18-47

Requirement: Headshot / Photo, Video Reel

Required Skills:

Languages: French and English

Pay: None

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