Let’s Make a Deal Season 13 – Casting, Audition & Release Dates

Let’s Make a Deal is a long-running American television game show that debuted in the United States in 1963 and has subsequently been produced in several countries across the globe.

Stefan Hatos and Monty Hall conceived and made the show, with the latter acting as its presenter for over 30 years.

CBS expands its daytime game-show portfolio with an upgraded version of the 1960s TV program, taped in Los Angeles.

Contestants – typically costumed in a broad array of innovative costumes — will still fight for money and prizes by forming bizarre bargains hosted by comic/singer/actor Wayne Brady.

The Program’s announcer is Jonathan Mangum, while Monty Hall, possibly the best-known presenter of the previous version of the show, is mentioned as one of the new show’s creative advisors.

Let’s Make a Deal Season 13 Premiere and release date

The 13th season of the current edition began on September 13, 2021. Three primetime episodes will be filmed throughout the season.

The Program will be controlled by a joint venture of Camping World Holdings (Marcus Lemonis) and Glass Entertainment after acquiring Hatos-Hall assets in August 2021, with Sharon Hall, a former Endemol Shine executive, acting as a consultant.

Beginning in January 2022, CAN’T STOP media will be in charge of the format’s global distribution.

Let’s Make a Deal Season 13 Casting

Let’s Make a Deal has been airing on CBS since October 5, 2009. The current series is hosted by Wayne Brady, with Jonathan Mangum serving as his announcer/assistant.

Tiffany Coyne is the current model, having joined in 2010. Cat Gray, a singer, joined in 2011.

Due to the continuing COVID-19 epidemic, Let’s Make a Deal started shooting in the autumn of 2020 with a combination of audience members in-studio seating in pods as well as virtual participants playing from their homes.

All COVID-19 standards, including social distance, testing, masks (only for crewmembers and when offset), and personal safety equipment, are in effect during shooting, according to executive producer John Quinn.


Let’s Make a Deal Season 13 How to Apply and Audition Process

Let’s Make a Deal is seeking incredible contestants to appear on Let’s Make a Deal Season 13 with Mr. Wayne Brady himself!

This season might be your opportunity to win a CAR, CASH, or AMAZING PRIZES!

Let’s Make a Deal wants you to audition if you are a Huge Fan of the Program and haven’t been on a game show in the last year!

To audition as a contestant, follow the link below:


The link will open up to a page of eligibility conditions that you must fulfill.

You must acknowledge that your presence on the Program is only to participate as a contestant or audience member, that your participation is not a performance, and that your appearance does not entitle you to pay, salary, or other remuneration.

Requirements for Eligibility

  1. You must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  1. To the best of your knowledge, neither you nor any member of your immediate family is currently or have been in the previous six (6) months employed by:
  • CBS Broadcasting Inc.
  • Viacom CBS Inc.
  • Subsidiaries, or affiliates, or any television station that broadcasts the Program.
  • 3 Doors Productions, Inc.
  • Fremantle Goodson, Inc.
  • Fremantle Media North America, Inc.
  • Saticoy Studios or its affiliates.
  • Any individual, manufacturer, or other company contributing awards to the Program,
  • Any individual or corporation creates a program that airs on a CBS television station.
  1. You must provide the following information for any individual you know who is an official, employee, agent, or representative of any of the above firms.
  2. You must not be a candidate for public office. You will not become one before the transmission of your participation in the Program or until one year from the date of filling out your application, whichever comes first.
  3. You represent and guarantee that:
  • You have not been on any television version of LET’S MAKE A DEAL in the recent three years.
  • You have not filmed an appearance as a contestant or player on any other television game show that has aired (or will be shown) within one year of submitting this application.
  • You have not been on more than four previous television game shows of any kind in the ten years before submitting your application.

The Producer shall make all eligibility judgments at its discretion, and such determinations shall be final and binding in all respects.

Furthermore, Producer reserves the right to disqualify at any time any person who, in Producer’s sole discretion, is sufficiently acquainted with any person or entity connected with the development, production, administration, judging, or exhibition of the Program such that their participation in the Program could give the appearance of impropriety.

If you meet the above criteria, pick “YES,” and a form will pop up for you to fill up with your basic personal and vaccination information.

Then click next until you have finished the application.

You will be contacted if and when you have been selected.

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