Chhupe Rustom App – An Opportunity For Upcoming Talents

We all have that artistic keeda within us which we do not explore. We restrict our talents to mere family functions or annual days. It is time that we stretch the horizons of our inner talents and make a mark in the entertainment industry. You never know, maybe you will come up as the next budding sensation of the country!

chhupe rustom app

What Is This App About? 

The idea behind this revolutionary app was given by Amiya Mahapatra and was then brought into action by the famous Indian film producer, Prakash Jha.

The Chhupe Rustom App is a video sharing platform where artists from all around the globe can showcase their talents. Even though it is an Indian App, it is open for all and encourages people to telecast their skills world-wide.

How Does It Work? 

Passionate individuals can upload their unique talents on the app and share it with the world. People world-wide can rate, comment and share your videos. There are numerous contests that are held on this platform where you can get your golden chance to shine. Winners and top performers will be added in an exclusive BAY section where they come in the limelight of renowned directors, producers and experts in the field.

You can also explore and watch the talents of other artists all over the globe and get an overview of their rich culture and art-form.

Why Is This App – The Need Of The Hour?

In our society and even across the globe, the pattern of living does not give much significance to artistic talents such as dancing, acting, singing, and so on. As a result, even we as artists neglect our talents and think we are doing the “right thing”. Now is the time you do it right, this is your chance to shine bright!

The intention behind this initiative is to make art scalable and free for all. No matter where you live or what your conditions are, no one deserves to be deprived of art and its vast opportunities. In addition, you don’t even need to sacrifice your work and family life to pursue your dreams. Due to the app’s exceptional ease of use, you can carry on with your life and give it an extra spark of passion alongside!

Final Takeaways

You may have heard of the phrase our ancestors used to say, “Lakhs of people stand in the audition line but only one of them becomes the hero”. Well, generations have progressed with time. Today, we live in the generation of opportunities and that phrase does not work anymore. With apps like Chhupe Rustom, you can become a hero by enjoying the comfort of your home. And most importantly in the time like this, where we all are stranded to our homes, apps of this kind help us to grow even if we are limited with resources.

As they say, ‘Art delayed is Art denied!’ So, what are you waiting for?

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