“2” Season 1 – How to apply, Casting & Audition Details, and Release Date

The Desert Palm Productions’ “2” is an indie psychological thriller, classic tragedy, urban fantasy/sci-fi, and modern-day myth created by Greg Anderson. Produced by Don Laikowski and Dakota Lupo together with Greg Anderson.

The “2” is about the lead character, Hope, who is incredibly intelligent and much above any “girl next door” demeanor.

She is in a toxic relationship with Dowan, but she also serves as a foundation for Grayson, the protagonist.

She is connecting people and assisting them in ways that disclose a richer and more significant history than what is initially revealed.


“2” Season 1 Release Date

The show “2” release date is unavailable because the series is currently in pre-production and set to film by the Spring of 2022. The filming will take place in Nevada.

We will update the page and keep you posted regarding the show’s release date.


“2” Season 1 Casting Information

Casting “2,” a new media series set in Arizona’s southwest desert “2” is a Psy-horror, classic tragedy, urban sci-fi myth, and contemporary myth all rolled up into one is looking for talent worldwide.

All Roles

Role 1: Hope

Gender: Female

Age: 18-31

Ethnicity: All

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


Hope is a far cry from the “girl next door”.

She’s stuck in a horrible relationship (with Dowan) in an unusual manner, but she also serves as a link and help for the main character (Grayson) in ways that hint to a deeper and more significant past than what’s originally disclosed.

Is she someone you’re interested in getting to know better?

That’s a little more difficult than it seems at first. Is this a mutual acquaintance?

Without a doubt, but does she have the character’s back when he’s in difficulty, or did she cause it in the first place?

Is it possible to have both? Hope is intriguing, appealing, and tantalizing, yet it seems a long way off.

For as long as we’ve known one other, she’s been sharpening her skills.

No, she’s not your girlfriend. She’s a force of nature that we all want to have in our lives.


Role 2: Dowan Tenant

Gender: Male

Age: 25-40

Ethnicity: All

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


Unsavory, incoherent, and an overall waste of carbon, he is.

Self-centered, he would not only grab the final piece of pizza without asking, but he would also make a big deal out of it.

Violent? As his anxieties rise, he may be rather erratic, although this is more typically the result of boredom than anything else.

He treats everyone the same, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or other factors. Unfortunately, he is only attractive and charming when used as a tool to achieve a larger goal. You wouldn’t cross the street the first time you saw him.

He is able to “pass” as a civilized person for a brief period of time and only if there is a reward for him.

Both in love and in combat, he is ruthless; he represents the darkness that dwells in the hearts of far too many men.


Role 3: Big John

Gender: Male

Age: 40-60

Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic, White / European Descent

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


An enormous breach sprang out in the hard-baked desert soil of the southwest decades ago, spitting forth Big John.

Big John, who was born a nice child but grew up to be a bitter, crusty guy meaner than 700 Hells and only interested in himself, was a behemoth of a man with constant stubble, most comfortable in broken hats, duster coats, and worn-out boots.

The self-made monarch owns a casino, a brothel (and a few less respectable businesses), as well as much of the land beneath the rest of the rural county.

If Big John approaches, there’s no need to cross the street; he’ll be waiting for you on the other side if he’s after you.


Role 4: Mama Freya

Gender: Female

Age: 35-59

Ethnicity: All

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


“Her ladies” have come to see her as their protector, fixer, and manager.

Assistive, Supportive — When it comes to her beauty and toughness, Freya is a perfect match.

Her life revolves on the day-to-day management of The Honey Trap, one of the few brothels in the remote country. She is a strict mother to the workers and is in charge of maintaining order.

With Big John’s reluctant trust and what passes for respect, she’s earned her position as a trusted employee.

Despite the fact that she shows no sign of backing down from anybody, she also stresses early problem solving with a swift, forceful attitude that makes it apparent there is no time for foolishness.

Mama Freya’s interweaving of grace, sturdiness, devotion, and sound judgment is unusual. Please take note that this position has been designed with a certain ethnicity in mind (though not locked into any specific one).

Despite having lived in the arid southwest for decades, Mama Freya is described as being of alien ancestry. Modifications are possible for the appropriate actor, but all ethnicities are welcome to apply.


Role 5: Ying

Gender: Female

Age: 18-25

Ethnicity: Asian, South Asian / Indian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


To put it simply, she is (literally) an ancient spirit/soul who has taken the shape of a young Asian tattoo artist working in a gothic tattoo business (NOTE – We are happy to consider all actors, but YING is not envisioned as heavily tattooed or even having any necessarily).

She is, in reality, the story’s spiritual advisor and go-to authority on all things paranormal and fantastical. As a guide and taskmaster, advice and mentor, she serves as both HOPE’s guide and taskmaster.

A rebuke is delivered to HOPE by YING for the chaos she has brought to their job and the “order” of their little part of the cosmos at their first meeting.

This character’s role is stated as “Day Player,” although it will be recurring or supporting in future episodes or seasons.


Role 6: Juliana

Gender: Female

Age: 20-29

Ethnicity: White / European Descent

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


From the character’s initial appearance in the screenplay, we get the following:

“She is clearly ‘of the desert’ in her early 20s, with a petite frame, leaning toward scrawniness, and an unmoved demeanor in the face of the sun, heat, and desolation.

A survivor in every sense of the word.” “Desert hillbilly” describes Juliana.

When she was a youngster, she was taken in by a desert rancher along with three other street children.

They are now living as brothers and sisters on the ranch, conducting a variety of “enterprises.”

Despite her lack of formal education, Juliana is an intelligent, resourceful member of the family who may be considered the glue (or possibly the “leader”) that ties the group together.


Role 7: Lathrop

Gender: Male

Age: 23-33

Ethnicity: White / European Descent

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


The following is an exact quote from the character’s first appearance in the script: “LATHROP, in his late twenties.

A young man with a desert-worn appearance. The perfect combination of naiveté and grit.”

He is referred to in the novel as a “desert hillbilly.”‘ While growing up on the streets, he was adopted along with Juliana and two other boys by an elderly desert rancher.

They are now living as brothers and sisters on the ranch, conducting a variety of “enterprises.”

If you give Lathrop time, he’s a streetwise and clever guy who isn’t very educated beyond the basics of high school.

He’s just got out of prison and is eager to go back to the desert lifestyle, where he’s already made up for missed time with ladies.


Role 8: Savannah

Gender: Female

Age: 18-25

Ethnicity: Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Indigenous Peoples, Latino / Hispanic, White / European Descent

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


Savannah’s (18) plight is complicated by the fact that she ran away from home for no apparent reason other than boredom, and then ended herself in the middle of nowhere in the country’s biggest desert county in the state just next door.

She is innocent yet powerful, guileless and romantic, making the most of circumstances in the last place she should: the desert county’s brothel, The Honey Trap.

She is too lovely for small town backseat gropes, but she has no idea about a look that turns big city heads.

Notably, Savannah’s position in the plot is significant when she finds herself in the heart of a major dispute unintentionally.

In spite of the two-episode storyline, the part will be highlighted in future flashbacks and explanatory segments.)


Role 9: Delilah

Gender: Female

Age: 18-27

Ethnicity: Asian, Black / African Descent, Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Indigenous Peoples, Latino / Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


One thing is clear about Delilah: she’s not afraid to take a beating.

Despite the fact that she has to work in The Honey Trap, the largest brothel in Desejo County, Texas, a girl has to labor and exploitation is up to the abuser.

But she’s not so naive as to put all her eggs in one basket.

The swift and flexible will thrive in this world.

That’s why Delilah joined forces with the county’s hardened crime leader Big John, who had developed The Honey Trap, The Ocean Palm Casino, and an incredibly successful drug and gun trade.


Role 10: Sheriff Lance Jansen

Gender: Male

Age: 32-45

Ethnicity: Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Indigenous Peoples, Latino / Hispanic, White / European Descent

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


Desejo County is under the command of Sheriff Jensen.

The majority of his work consisted of upholding the rules and regulations established by the county’s true boss, Big John, which included preserving the peace and enforcing the law.

Jensen, the sheriff, never intended to play the role of errand boy or enabler to a guy whose only rules are those he creates, but over time, he’s learned to go along to get along with that kind of person.

Even the sturdiest and well-intentioned beach can’t withstand the unrelenting tide for long.


Role 11: Sheriff Greer Moffat

Gender: Female

Age: 35-50

Ethnicity: All

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: None


Deputies in the huge county directly over the border from Desejo Area are led by Sheriff Greer Moffat, the county’s senior law enforcement official.

With a silky fist that seldom has to be bared, she keeps the gears moving throughout her huge rural region.

She “inherited” the position after her father’s death on a fishing expedition when Greer was 25 years old.

As a child, Greer Moffat dreamt of being a sheriff.

She had no idea she’d wind herself firmly planted in the county where she was born, yet there she is.

As a young lady, she aspired have a profession in the city and to tour the world. The same may be said about the 18-year-old who fled her grandmother’s house in quest of bigger and better things in life.

The hunt for a runaway kid leads Greer Moffat to Desejo County, a place that should be far removed from her own.

Role 12: Macie

Gender: Female

Age: 18-29

Ethnicity: All

Required Media: Headshot / Photo

Pay: Professional


For the most part, Macie’s presence isn’t recognized unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Because of her desert upbringing, she has a unique combination of paradoxes, including knowledge and innocence, strength and fragility, and a ferocious sense of self-defense and compassionate empathy.

She knows how to handle the truth and keeps secrets well.

As Mama Freya’s right-hand woman, Macie serves as her confidant, lieutenant, and “right hand” in ensuring that the county’s legal brothel is functioning well and keeping the ladies safe.

(Applicants having resumes and/or film samples will be given preference. All previous applicants are welcome to apply.)


Role 13: Rafaela

Gender: Female

Age: 18-30

Ethnicity: All

Requirement: Headshot / Photo

Pay: Professional

Whether it’s her demeanor or her Season 1 position in the tale, Rafaela is a mystery in both. Wounded, protective, and endowed with an organic, natural beauty (both in spirit and in appearance), she is a formidable mask concealing a boiling desire for vengeance and justice (poetic, if not judicial).

In some ways, she is ethereal but yet steely powerful; she is at one with nature, the earth, and even the universe.

Rafaela is both a valuable friend and a dangerous foe.

This is a recurring character.

Actors must be able to speak fluently (or at least passably) in any language other than English (including Native American).

The capacity to talk naturally in a language other than English is more essential than learning a new language.

In order to get an interview, we prefer candidates that have a résumé and/or sample film. It is advised that actors who have previously applied for other parts do the same.


Dates and locations for rehearsals and production

Season 1 is scheduled to begin filming in Nevada in the spring of 2022, dependent on the completion of casting and workplace safety conditions (contingent on workplace safety conditions).

Details of Compensation and the Agreement

SAG-AFTRA New Media Side Letter Agreement provides travel, food, accommodation, and credit to all actors in exchange for professional pay (low budget).


Click on the following link to learn more about the casting and audition procedure.





“2” Season 1 How to Apply and Audition Process

To apply and audition for “2”, click the link below.


The link will take you to the “2” Casting website page.

Simply choose the position you’d want to apply for and then click the “Apply” button.

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More Details About “2” Season 1

The “2” is a psychological thriller, classic tragedy, urban fantasy/sci-fi, and modern-day myth New Media Series by Desert Palm Productions.

Hope is the protagonist, and she is intelligent beyond her “girl next door” exterior. She is in an abusive relationship with Dowan.

Dowan is a rebellious, unpleasant, and all-around carbon waste.

Self-absorbed, he is the kind to not only grab the final piece of pizza without asking but also to declare it as he did so.

Violent? He can be, generally, when his anxieties erupt, but this is as much due to boredom as it is to cruelty.

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