Quarantine Leap (Web Series) – How to Apply, Casting & Audition Details, and Release Date

The project is a YouTube web series titled ‘Quarantine Leap,’ a play on the title of the series Quantum Leap.

In the series, a person is quarantined at home, so he utilizes a body swapping gadget to jump into the body of a buddy for 24 hours.

After the 24 hours are over, the person does not return to their original body, and there is a problem with the technology, so they mistakenly jump into various bodies every 24 hours.”

This project will provide you exposure to the entertainment world, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, for your playing ability, since it includes two roles: the character you portray and the leaper.

A big number of people have seen this series (over two million views).

There aren’t many possibilities for an actor to represent many roles for a decent amount of time in a short period of time.

Three Degrees Off Center Productions created the Quarantine Leap web series as a spoof of the series Quantum Leap.


Quarantine Leap (Web Series) Casting Information

A short film, “Quarantine Leap,” is looking for actors.

The production states: “The Leaper, a man in his forties, is a decent person trapped in a peculiar position in which he switches into a new body every 24 hours.

When he finds himself in a new body, he attempts to make the most of it by helping out in every way he can.

In each episode, we strive to discover some facet of the human condition and spotlight it, putting a positive spin on it.

Even though each individual is distinct and different, we can all benefit from one another’s circumstances.

At the conclusion of the episode, the Leaper goes on to the next individual.

Role: The Leaper

Sex: Female

Age: 18-45

Ethnicity: All

Pay: Professional / TBD


The dates and locations of rehearsals and productions.

Ready to work throughout the month of January.

To start your application, click the link below:



Quarantine Leap (Web Series) How to Apply and Audition Process

You may apply for the Quarantine Leap web series by following the steps given below.

This project will showcase your acting talents to the entertainment world, notably in the United States and the United Kingdom.

To apply and audition for Quarantine Leap web series, go to Quarantine Leap Casting.by clicking the link below.


The link will take you to the Quarantine Leap Casting website page.

Access further information, such as audition and submission guidelines, by signing up as a Backstage member or by logging in and clicking the JPIN NOW button.

More Details About Quarantine Leap (Web Series)

Quarantine Leap is a web series about a person who is quarantined at home and uses a body-swapping device to temporarily inhabit the body of a buddy for 24 hours.

Because there is a fault with the technology, the individual does not return to their original body after the 24 hours are done, and they wrongly jump into new bodies every 24 hours.

The Leaper, a gentle man in his forties, is stuck in an unusual situation in which he shifts bodies every 24 hours.

When he awakens in a new body, he tries to make the most of a bad situation by lending a helping hand in every way he can.

Quarantine Leap (Web Series) Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no specific date for the release of the Quarantine Leap web series.

According to some sources, the filming will start in January of 2022. Currently, they are holding auditions and casting for various roles for the said movie.

We will give you an update as soon as we get more information regarding the film’s release date.

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