You Bet Your Life Season 2 – How to Apply, Casting & Audition Details, & Release Date

Jay Leno resurrects the iconic comic game show “You Bet Your Life” with his old pal Kevin Eubanks.

Now airing their first season and casting for their second season which would probably have an airing date of mid 2022.


The game will bring two strangers together and provide them the opportunity to win money by accurately answering questions regarding pre-determined categories.

In each episode, two pairs will be featured.


“You Bet Your Life” was first shown from 1950 to 1961 and starred legendary comedian Groucho Marx, with a 1992 remake starring Bill Cosby.

Most of the contestant teams were made up of one male and one girl chosen from the studio audience.

Famous or otherwise interesting personalities were occasionally asked to perform.

You Bet Your Life Season 2 (3rd Series) How to Apply and Audition Process


Jay Leno brings back the classic comedy show, “You Bet Your Life,” with his longtime friend, Kevin Eubanks.


Jay Leno wants you to come to join the fun if you’re entertaining, the life of the party, or just a one-of-a-kind individual.

  • You will be flown to Los Angeles to perform alongside Jay in this production if you are chosen!
  • Skype or Zoom will be used for all interviews and auditions.
  • To apply, you must be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the United States.
  • To apply and audition for You Bet Your Life Season 2, go to You Bet Your Life’s Casting website.
  • To begin your application, click the link below.


You Bet Your Life – TV Game Show – Application Form (


The link will take you to the You Bet Your Life Casting website page. You will then be asked to fill out the questions that apply to your story. Then click the submit button.

You Bet Your Life Season 2 (3rd Series) Release Date


You Bet Your Life. Groucho Marx of the Marx Brothers hosted the original and best-known version, with George Fenneman as the announcer and assistant.

First heard on ABC Radio on October 27, 1947, then on CBS Radio on October 5, 1949, the program moved to NBC-TV and NBC Radio on October 4, 1950, before concluding its run on both stations.


Funny headlines, wacky products, crazy cases, engaging contestant interviews and gameplay, as well as numerous brand-new comedic pieces, return with Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks.

You Bet Your Life Season 1 was aired on Monday, September 13, 2021, and currently has 134 episodes. It’s 135th episode will be aired on Friday, February 25, 2022.

As of this writing there is no official release date announced for Season 2.

But, considering that the final episode for season one will be aired on February 25, 2022, we can assume that the airing of season 2 would be several months after.

You Bet Your Life Season 2 (3rd Series) Casting


FOX Television Stations brings back a new incarnation of the legendary comedy game show.

This new version of the famous game show “You Bet Your Life”, hosted by Jay Leno with his longtime friend Kevin Eubanks, will keep the show’s distinctive, funny interviews and unpredictable banter with each competitor, popularized by Groucho Marx.


Tom Werner will serve as executive producer with David Hurwitz. Werner has executive produced famous television programs such as “Roseanne,” “The Cosby Show,” “3rd Rock from the Sun,” “That ’70s Show,” and, most recently, “The Conners” during his award-winning career.

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