Kids Baking Championship Winners (All Seasons 1 to 11)

The Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship is a competitive reality baking show created by Levity Entertainment Group.

Every week, the kids compete to prepare the best cake, which is scored on appearance, taste, and inventiveness.

Actress Valerie Bertinelli and baker Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes have hosted and judged the show for all nine seasons.

In 2018, the show received its highest ratings ever, surpassing Duff Goldman’s previous show, Ace of Cakes, as the network’s most-rated series.

Here is the Kids Baking Championship winner list of all seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.


Kids Baking Championship Season 1 Winner: Hollis Johnson

Kids Baking Championship Season 1 Winner: Hollis Johnson

Winner – Hollis Johnson

Year – 2015

Prize Money – $10,000

Hollis Johnson gained national attention after winning the $10,000 grand prize in the Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship in February 2015.

By the time she was three years old, she was baking with her mother and cutting with a knife.

Travelling with her family, she learned about delicacies from all around the world, greatly influenced her.

Following her victory in the Kids Baking Championship, her famous Lemon Cake was made available at Charm City Cakes.

Kids Baking Championship Season 2 Winner: Rebecca Beale


Winner – Rebecca Beale

Year – 2015

Prize Money – $25,000

Rebecca Beale, a 13-year-old from Graham, Texas, was crowned the winner of the second season of Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship on Sunday, April 14, 2015.

In order to be eligible to win the $25,000 grand prize, Rebecca and nine other bakers (aged 10 to 13) demonstrated their baking abilities with weekly assignments over the previous eight weeks.

The magnificent three-layer beach-themed chiffon cake, complete with surfboards, shark fins, and a 3D sun on top, proved worthy of Rebecca’s victory in the finals, which was a spring break-themed cake competition.


Kids Baking Championship Season 3 Winner: Aidan Berry

Kids Baking Championship Season 3 Winner: Aidan Berry

Winner – Aidan Berry

Year – 2016

Prize Money – $25,000

Aidan Berry won the $25,000 grand prize in Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship Season 3.

By baking a lemon-rosemary olive oil cake with buttercream icing, he won $25,000 in the competition.

Aidan learned to bake by watching YouTube videos.

He had to keep the fact that he had won the Kids Baking Championship a secret from August 2016 until March 2017.

When asked what he was doing these days, Aidan said, “I never really quit baking.”

“With school, things might seem a little slow at times.

“I’ve been really busy, but I’ve never completely stopped.”

He will receive an Associate of Arts degree when he graduates from high school, and he said he is still thinking about what he wants to pursue in college.

“I’m considering majoring in food science, but that might change any week,” he said.

“I’m a big fan of art.”

Baking is both a science and art; thus, I believe that food science may be a fantastic minor.

But I also like social science, economics, and other subjects that examine individuals as a system.

“That’s simply something that piques my attention.”


Kids Baking Championship Season 4 Winner: Linsey Lam

Kids Baking Championship Season 4 Winner: Linsey Lam

Winner – Linsey Lam

Year – 2017

Prize Money – $25,000

Linsey Lam, 13, said participating in the “Kids Baking Championship, “it was a dream come true.”

The judges were impressed by Linsey’s chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream and creamy coconut filling.

She won the title of Kids Baking Champion thanks to her innovative technique for making a marbled fondant.

“It was both nerve-racking and enjoyable,” said Linsey, a Closter resident. “It was exciting because I had always wanted to be on the program, and here I was, living my dream.”

Linsey put her baking abilities to the test in front of a national audience as one of 12 Food Network program participants, fighting for a shot at a $25,000 grand prize by preparing sweets.

Baking has always been a part of Linsey’s everyday routine.

She used to prepare box mixes for special occasions and holidays with her mother and sister when she was small.

She started baking when she reached sixth grade after seeing baking videos online and wanted to try out new recipes for herself.


Kids Baking Championship Season 5 Winner: Natasha Jiwani

Kids Baking Championship Season 5 Winner: Natasha Jiwani

Winner – Natasha Jiwani

Year – 2018

Prize Money – $25,000

Since she was a child, Natasha, an eighth-grader from Bellevue, Washington, has been baking with her grandmother, mother, and two older sisters, Alyssa and Jasmine.

She began baking on her own when she was nine years old, and her ideas became increasingly imaginative.

Her passion for baking inspired her to apply for a spot on the Kids Baking Championship television show, and she was accepted.

She is most known for winning Season 5 of the reality cooking program Kids Baking Championship.


Kids Baking Championship Season 6 Winner: Paige Goehner

Kids Baking Championship Season 6 Winner: Paige Goehner

Winner – Paige Goehner

Year – 2019

Prize Money – $25,000

Paige Goehner, 11, of Blaine, was awarded “Kids Baking Championship” champion during the Food Network show’s Season 6 finale, which featured celebrity judges Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman of “Ace of Cakes.”

Throughout the season, Goehner out-baked 11 other participants in several challenges, including bacon cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, and macarons, to name a few.

Judges praised the child baker’s creations, which included orange monkey bread with orange frosting and strawberry-orange coulis, as well as elegantly constructed rosettes.


Kids Baking Championship Season 7 Winner: Trevin Alford

Kids Baking Championship Season 7 Winner: Trevin Alford

Winner – Trevin Alford

Year – 2019

Prize Money – $25,000

After competing in the Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship in 2019, he became a reality television sensation.

Trevin Alford went on to win the season in September of the same year.

He won the Kids Baking Championship with a cake that resembled an otherworldly landscape.


Kids Baking Championship Season 8 Winner: Graysen Pinder

Kids Baking Championship Season 8 Winner: Graysen Pinder

Winner – Graysen Pinder

Year – 2020

Prize Money – $25,000

After winning the title for the 2020 season, she has been on several discussion programs and has been quite busy.

Graysen Pinder took first place in the 8th season of Kids Baking Championship after battling against other brilliant young bakers.

The chocolate-flavored, pineapple-shaped piñata cake she prepared in the final round, replete with a sweet and salty surprise inside, clinched the deal for the judges.

During the final challenge, Duff and Valerie voted that Graysen Pinder’s pineapple cake was the finest fruit dessert.

Graysen takes home the $25,000 prize as the season 8 winner of the Kids Baking Championship.


Kids Baking Championship Season 9 Winner: Keaton Ashton

Kids Baking Championship Season 9 Winner: Keaton Ashton

Winner – Keaton Ashton

Year – 2021

Prize Money – $25,000

The 12-year-old baking prodigy rocketed to the finals with his mind-blowing and unique creations that captivated not just the hearts of the judges, but the hearts of the whole nation.

Keaton got a whooping $25,000 for winning the 2021 championship.

When asked what he planned to do with the prize money, Keaton said that all he really wanted was a new fish tank and that the rest will be saved to help pay for college.

It’s no surprise that he gained the nation’s heart.

Keaton was also awarded a set of Food Network brand baking supplies, a feature in Food Network magazine, and one of his original cakes showcased at Bakery Charm City Cakes as the winner.


Kids Baking Championship Season 10 Winner: Nadya Alborz

Kids Baking Championship Season 10 Winner: Nadya Alborz

Winner – Nadya Alborz

Year – 2022

Prize Money – $25,000

Nadya Alborz is a Knoxville-based baker who competed in the cooking reality program Kids Baking Championship.

Entrants in the Kids Baking Championship are judged on their look, taste, and inventiveness.

The Food Network show’s winner wins the title of “Kids Baking Champion” as well as a monetary prize of $25,000.

Alborz was born in 2011 and is now 11 years old. She reportedly began baking when she was three years old.

When she was little, Nadya preferred to watch cooking and baking programs instead of cartoons.

Cupcakes are Nadya’s favorite thing to make since she can experiment with different frosting patterns and flavors.

The taste of triumph is sweeter for Nadya Alborz than it is for most people, since she was just declared the champion of the Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship” and awarded a $25,000 reward.

The 11-year-win old’s concluded up a six-month period of secrecy.

When she returned to Clayton-Bradley Academy after filming, her classmates were curious about where she’d been.


Kids Baking Championship Season 11th Winner: Naiel Chaudry 

naiel chaudry winner of kids baking championship

Image courtesy of Rabiaz Art Photography

Winner – Naiel Chaudry

Year – 2023

Prize Money – $25000

Naiel Chaudry from Los Altos was the first ever contestant of Pakistani heritage on KBC and..he won!

Naiel got into cooking with his sister Punhal when they were younger where they managed to blow their parents away with their baking skills, and he continued this trend as he blew the judges away on Season 11’s Kid Baking Championship.

He took home the top prize winning the show and now runs his own business.

Final Word

Kids Baking Championship is currently one of the most popular television shows, with new episodes being aired regularly.

The fascinating episodes of the Kids Baking Championship is one of the critical reasons for the show’s success. Fans tune in every week to see who will be eliminated and who will go on to the next round!

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Stay tuned with us for the latest updates and information regarding the next Kids Baking Championship winner’s name.




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